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NHATS Round 8 Final Data Released

The National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS) is pleased to announce that Round 8 final data files are now available at Updated Sample Person (SP), Other Person (OP), and Tracker files are available in both SAS and Stata formats.

Restricted geographic data for NHATS sample persons (SPs) and their spouse/partners, children, and household members are now available through Round 8. A restricted file with Rural-Urban Continuum Codes (RUCC) for Rounds 1 through 8 is available for qualified researchers. A public use file indicating whether a sample person was residing in a metropolitan or non-metropolitan county (based on the RUCC) at the time of interview or during the last month of life also has been updated through Round 8.

Additionally, a restricted tracker file has been updated through Round 8.

Updated documentation, including a revised User Guide, a technical paper on Round 8 weights, revised crosswalk between the instruments and the codebook, and a crosswalk of changes from the beta to final version, can be found on our website